These are a few of the oil painting That I have painted! Since the weather is wet and cold I can't go outside and paint! I miss painting during the winter months. I am trying to paint more so my children will always have something to remember me by. I can't think Of anything more lovely than something there own mom created with her hands. I do have so much more to learn. I just hope someday I will be satisfied with the many things I create. My dissatisfaction Is what motivates me to have a new and best masterpiece every time I make something. This is my life, besides my children Of coarse. I love to make what ever I can.

I also have a love for service, but that is another chapter In another book. So I will keep On the subject of painting and how it fills my soul. If my hands are busy my soul Is happy. I hope you enjoy the old Barn by the River Painting. I painted it for my god child. She is very special to me. I hold her dear in my heart!

Mountains! when I think Of mountains I often think Of obstacles. I painted the mountain picture for my en laws . I was trying to thank them for Helping my family through a rough time. She was very kind and generous while we were going through a dry patch. I tried to think about how can I say thank You without any money to give? What can I do to let them know I appreciate all they have done and will continue to do for us? I decided to paint them a picture. The mountain Picture was the finished results!!!

Pink Trees I painted this Picture for my daughter. She was only four at the time. So I thought What would a four year old want in an oil painting. Pink trees was the answer. When I showed her the painting her eyes lit up and she said" Thank You mom and I love the pink trees. So I got my results I was looking for. It's always nice to go to someone house and see my artwork Hanging on there wall. It definite tells me thank you and I appreciate your work. Painting anything makes me happy and lift my soul. So If I paint something for you. You know That I am grateful for something. Whether it is being a wonderful daughter, friend or just to say thank you for being you!

This picture is the last one I painted so far! It is peaceful and reminds me of my childhood. The trees and the beauty of the lake. The night time holds dear in my heart, for I love to look at the stars. To remember all the peaceful and happy memories I have of my past. Every time I have taken time out to look at the stars. The time was always peaceful, sometime sad. I often look to the stars to ponder and find out answer within my heart. So this picture had lots of love and meaning. I do have to say I think my last oil is the best so far. I once herd that every artist's last work is always there best masterpiece. I will try to paint more once the weather is nice. I will have more to post when they are finished.
The meaning of this page is to inspire and to help people create something beautiful. We are all different with different views in life. That is what makes this world so special. Don't forget to remember the beauty in Life. If we are lucky we can capture it on Paper!

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