I am designing for robin's nest and here a little teaser for you!!!

My Project will and a how to Video will be posted on the 12th of this month.. head over there and check it out. This pictures is only a portion of my Journal page!  Go to http://chatteringrobins.blogspot.com/and check out the rest of it!! See you over there..


Enjoying Christmas break

Enjoying Christmas break inside. I have had so much fun creating and playing with all my yummy supplies..

I am in my happy place doing what I enjoy this holiday season. To me there is no greater gift than that.

Wishing you all happy Holidays..


The winner to the blog hop

My randome Winner for the mixed media inspiration deck is Janea Aka Naya Congradulations contack Kiala for you mixed media inspiration deck..


Mixed Media Inspiration Deck Blog Hop

Roben-Marie Smith -- December 3rd

Sarah Stevenson -- December 4th

Carolyn Dube -- December 5th

Mystele Kirkeeng -- December 6th

Stephanie Ackerman -- December 7th

Lorrie Jonas -- December 8th <<<---- You are Here

Maria McGuire -- December 9th

Mixed Media inspiration deck by Kiala Givehand

What a wonderful opertunity I have to be a part of this blog hop

I feel very foutunate to know Kila Givehand personally.

She is an amazly talented woman

The Mixed Media Inspiration Deck is now one of my favorite Tools

Why? Because It allows you to have your own unique syle and promotes you to stimulate your Creativty.

No More staying up late trying to move forward because of a creativity block

No More getting stumpped trying to get started on a project.

The Mixed Media inspiration deck can get you out of a cretive block fast

I have put a small video together that shows how I finished an art project that I felt was needing a little more attention.

I hope you enjoying using your inspiration deck as much as I do.

**Comments will close on Dec. 9th.**


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