Flower Shower!

Imagine How the world would be if your favorite flower had every variety of color that you could ever want. Normally you have a choice of three of four colors witch the flower comes in. In my world of paint and color. Flowers come in any color witch I desire. I wanted to paint some Hibiscus Flowers. They truly are beautiful flowers.
We all see the world different. This Is how I see my flowers!!



How much he wants to be a cow boy! Life is amazing because you can be anything you want to be. Yes, even a cow boy. His 15 min. of glory was truly amazing to watch. You can see his happiness in his eyes. We all took turns trying on the hat and being a cowboy.. You are never to old to play.

Dacing girl

I wanted to post a oil pastel for valentines Day! I decided to post one of my recent works of my daughter doing what she loves the most. (Dancing). when I look at this oil Pastel my heart melts with joy! I truly Love watching my daughter twirl . Her mind wonders of what she could be. Dreams fill the air of butterflies and birds dancing along side of her. Life is full of so many blessings. It is so nice to capture some of them on paper...