Some of my most favorite things to draw and paint are angel. Here are a few of my latest! Have a wonderful holiday and know you are all watched over ... Life is full of so many blessing and beautiful encounters. We have to look past the worldly things to find the special things. My wish for all of you is to seek for the little special things that happen everyday. Take some time to call a friend and tell someone you know is hurting that they are loved. We all have our challenges in life. It our solutions our daily actions that defines us and makes us the very person that people notice. You don't know what action can make a positive impact in others lives until it is done... Merry Christmas My dear friends... You are loved!

It is that time of year were people are searching for goodness. remembering the kindness they once felt. Hoping for miracles and looking for inner answers that can calm there very soul. As you search for your peace remember that you are not alone in your quest. There are many just like you doing the same thing. I just wanted to take a moment to share my love with anyone who may read this. let you know that life is truly impacted by how we choose to act and feel. Take a moment out of your busy holiday to call an old friend, Kiss a loved one or just smile to a stranger.

Merry Christmas


Wow, did I have fun on the Wednesday Night live. We finished up on our art dolls. This is mine. I have a list of all the shows on the side of my blog. I hope you enjoy the process and love every minute of making your own doll...


Creating Is fun Blog Hop 

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Prayer flags

Thought I would post how I painted and Embellished my first flag! I hope you have fun with this project..
My first three flags. I loved every moment making them.


Here is my mother's day project

"It say's Live each day in the moment and you will find beauty everywhere."

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Prayer flag swap

Hosting it here in the Creative art salon... Free to join mixed media work shops

9 x 12 fabric..

2 inch seem on top

4/8 on both sides

half inch bottom seam

Have Fun


Bird Cage painting

I bought all my lace from this great Esty shop Here is her blog and the link to her shop. Love it so much I am designing for her. http://creatingisfun.blogspot.com/2012/03/creatingisfun-design-team.html


A few days ago I posted for idea's on face book. Someone replied and ask me to paint a storm. I do have to say this was a bit hard for me because it is not my norm. I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone often. I love the challenge and this is what I cam up with.. I went on the internet for inspiration and found a storm I was attracted too. This is how it ending up coming out.. I hope you like it..


I finished this painting about a half hour ago. I call it missing home. When I lived back east I always search for water to resolve my problems or search for peace. I hope this give you the peace it gave me..


Newest Painting called Window of isolation


First written interview

This is my first interview and I am so excited I had to share. I hope you enjoy,
Please tell us a little about yourself and how art came into your life.

My name is Lorrie Jonas, I've been in the medical field since I started working. My last Job was an activities director for an assisted living center here in Utah. Working with the elderly and being a mother has brought me great happiness. It has helped me learn to value my time and what I decide to do with it. I've learned to stretch my creativity so I can allow my emotion to show while I am in the process of painting. I've been a loving wive and mother for 11 and half years. My children give me so much joy. I have always loved art and love anything I can create with my hands. Painting has been my happiness for many years, when I pick up a paint brush or even feel the paint in my hand the world just fades away and I become at peace. I create my own world and my emotion becomes the canvas I am working on. I came into art because it is in my blood, my grandfather was an artist, he painted wonderful oils that captured such serenity. I can just imagine the impact he could of made and did make with his art and his life. My father in law was on the top one hundred artist's list in Utah. I would say meeting so many creative people and having the desire, is why I am an artist.
What type of medium are you passionate about and why?
I am passionate for many mediums, but if I had to choose one I would say India Ink, I just love the way it looks on a Canvas and it can appear solid or transparent. Indian Ink is a great way to achieve layers in a art project. I would say every project I create will have some India In it. India Ink is permit and will not fade and the colors are made for writing with a feather pen or calligraphy pens where they are not to bold and blend nicely.
What inspires you and what are your future goals.

What inspires me is to create something that will last longer than me. To be remembered when I am gone and to leave my children something that they can look at and feel a little of my soul with them. My future goals are to sell my paintings and teach classes. I've always enjoyed people and love sharing my creativity. We are very fortunate to have the internet in our everyday lives, so we can reach beyond our home and neighborhoods to make an impact no matter how great or how small. Everyone need something to Love and every kind of personality out there has at least an appreciation for art.
Is there any type of art you would like to explore that you haven't?

I've tried making a lot of different art work, I can't say I have tried it all, but I have a passion for oil painting. I love the texture of the paint. I have painted a few oil paintings, but not as many as I would like, mainly because it is not easy and requires preparation and space. It is hard to do indoors, maybe if I had the proper space and time I would love to do it, but it is hard to fit into a busy schedule.


A fathers love! my newest paint!!!
Here are m y three latest painting.. I had so much fun painting them. Painting has helped me enjoy the down time in my life. I hope you enjoye the results..


Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come sit softly on your shoulder. My newest painting.


My latest painting. I just finished it a few minutes a ago.


Angel dog request

I recently got a request from a 8 year old girl that she wanted me to paint her a picture. Since she has been so good to my daughter. I graciously accepted. She then smiled at me and told me what she want. It went something like this" I want a dog angel with gold wings. It has to be a Collie lying down with a bone in his mouth. Oh! It also needs to be wearing a Tutu and Ballerina Shoes.. I ThinK I want it be pink. I was glad I was able to pick the colors in the dog. If she would have thought of doing that I can just imagine what colors she would have picked. I am grateful for the minds of children for the teach me to move out of my comfit zone.


Here are my two latest angels. I am going to make a new blog witch will only have angels on it. I am even thinking about teaching classes.