What joy a little sister can bring into a little boys heart.
Always wanting to hold her.
Wondering how lucky can a little boy be.
Happy to have someone near to love when ever he can.
Loving caring and being the best big brother!
What joys a little sister can bring to a little boys heart.

My heart always goes out to my oldest. Fun Loving boy who always has to learn things the hard way. He is always smiling and he always wants to make mom Happy. This is how I always want to remember my little boy. Happy with a big open mouth smile. I hope this can capture a bit of his wonderful personality.

This is a picture of my daughter when she was two! Oh How much fun she was at this age. I just loved her cuteness. She was always shhhhhing Us! That was just the cutest thing I remember about her during this stage in her life. So I wanted to draw it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! She is the happiest little person I know.


Oil Pastels

There are many things I enjoy in this life. I would have to say the memories of being with my sister's are the most precious to me. This picture is of my older sister and my younger sister's Daughter. They came to visit me and I enjoyed having them around me. I miss them and they are often in my thoughts. So I wanted to show how valued they are to me. They truly are my heart. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I enjoyed drawing it.


I often think back to this period in my life. Young beautiful full of dreams of wonders to come. This was most defiantly a great year for me. So I decided to use oil pastels and share it!

Inspired by Dana Wakley Class.
Masterful art Journal.