These are some of my recent works. It's been a little while since I have posted some painting.. Life gets busy . There is no good excuse not to create when it makes your soul happy... I make sure I am always creating. My goal this year is to keep up on my blogging and make sure my art is documented... Lets see how well I do... Wish me luck!! Thank You for following my blog!!!


Robins Nest Blog Hop

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Prize:  $15 butterfly kit full of Robin Nest butterfly products 

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Here is a teaser of a project I have complete over at robin's Nest. The link is above. I shared how to make an homemade stencil with some of their product. go over there and check it out!!!


Some of my Latest work

I have been busy over this winter vacation making art! I am so happy to be able to share some of the work with you.

I Hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did.

May you all be blessed and have a wonderful 2014.


I am designing for robin's nest and here a little teaser for you!!!

My Project will and a how to Video will be posted on the 12th of this month.. head over there and check it out. This pictures is only a portion of my Journal page!  Go to http://chatteringrobins.blogspot.com/and check out the rest of it!! See you over there..


Enjoying Christmas break

Enjoying Christmas break inside. I have had so much fun creating and playing with all my yummy supplies..

I am in my happy place doing what I enjoy this holiday season. To me there is no greater gift than that.

Wishing you all happy Holidays..


The winner to the blog hop

My randome Winner for the mixed media inspiration deck is Janea Aka Naya Congradulations contack Kiala for you mixed media inspiration deck..