Monthly Challenges for 2014 - 2015

Here are my monthly Challenges!! I hope you can be apart of them, It should be so much fun!


Word for this month is: (Charity)

If you could paint charity what would it look like?

I encourage you to create your own image, but if time or experience is not on your side.. Just grab some graphite or sketching paper and trace! Enjoy the process and create when you may and how you may... Sending positive light out to all of you this December! Have fun!



Create on the whimsy side.. This could be a place animal or thing.


Find your true love,

Paint something using the product you love the most


Paint and create a new lucky Medallion..


We all have to get through the rain, Paint how you do it!


Create a new flower and name it..


paint something that represent heat, You decide..


Celebrate your art and soul,

paint like Picasso


Art Rising

If art was like the sun and could rise every day . How would it look like?


The season are changing and so are we,

Draw something that represents how you have changed in your life over this past year.


The good the bad and the ugly

look deep into yourself and draw something that represent ugly. Something that you can't get over and cover it up with something beautiful,


Give thanks for your Talents, Paint something that shows gratitude for your gifts and talents

Extra topics if you finish early,

If Art Was a song what would it look like

country, romantic, heavy metal?

Draw a new and revolutionize sun set,

Draw something that represent the emotion Kindness,,,

Paint what Inspiration means to you

What does your happy place look like?


  1. Hi there. Are we uploading our art work for the monthly challenge anywhere? I must have been very relaxed over the festive season and finished January already!