This is my first acrylic Portrait I have painted. I do have to say it was much harder to do because acrylic paint drys so fast. That makes it hard to blend once it on the canvas. . So if you paint with acrylic you would have to work quickly. It was a lot of fun and I think I will paint with acrylic again. I have so much fun to experimenting.


I loved this picture a lot ,but my web cam has a low amount pixels so the quality of the photo is poor. So I decided to draw it and use oil Pastels to fill it in. I hope you enjoy it. if you look closely You will find colors like blue purple bright green as highlights in this drawing.


I drew this photograph.
I used pastels oils and ink.
This is me and my grandfather.
I miss my grandfather very much,
He passed when I was around eight years old. I am estimating.
I remember walking down to Wendy's to buy Him a large frosty with my older sister.
He use to live with us and I remember him playing with us.
He was a wonderful Grandfather.


What joy a little sister can bring into a little boys heart.
Always wanting to hold her.
Wondering how lucky can a little boy be.
Happy to have someone near to love when ever he can.
Loving caring and being the best big brother!
What joys a little sister can bring to a little boys heart.

My heart always goes out to my oldest. Fun Loving boy who always has to learn things the hard way. He is always smiling and he always wants to make mom Happy. This is how I always want to remember my little boy. Happy with a big open mouth smile. I hope this can capture a bit of his wonderful personality.

This is a picture of my daughter when she was two! Oh How much fun she was at this age. I just loved her cuteness. She was always shhhhhing Us! That was just the cutest thing I remember about her during this stage in her life. So I wanted to draw it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! She is the happiest little person I know.


Oil Pastels

There are many things I enjoy in this life. I would have to say the memories of being with my sister's are the most precious to me. This picture is of my older sister and my younger sister's Daughter. They came to visit me and I enjoyed having them around me. I miss them and they are often in my thoughts. So I wanted to show how valued they are to me. They truly are my heart. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I enjoyed drawing it.


I often think back to this period in my life. Young beautiful full of dreams of wonders to come. This was most defiantly a great year for me. So I decided to use oil pastels and share it!

Inspired by Dana Wakley Class.
Masterful art Journal.


I painted these pictures about 4 years ago. The one with the boats and the old house was my very fist painting. I have it framed in my living room to remind me to search my hidden talents! Never give up and always express myself.

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These are two flower water color I have done a few years ago!

These are a few of my water colors I have done of little children. The last picture is on my niece and nephew. I love this picture so much I decided to paint it. It showed me the love that a child has. Unconditional. Kissing her new baby brother on the head. He was born early and had a bit of a rough start.

The ducks is something. I just wanted to try. I saw the picture in a painting book and loved it so much I wanted to paint it myself... It turned out well

The other painting is my son and daughter. They are always holding each other so I decided to paint my husband a photo..

These are a few of the oil painting That I have painted! Since the weather is wet and cold I can't go outside and paint! I miss painting during the winter months. I am trying to paint more so my children will always have something to remember me by. I can't think Of anything more lovely than something there own mom created with her hands. I do have so much more to learn. I just hope someday I will be satisfied with the many things I create. My dissatisfaction Is what motivates me to have a new and best masterpiece every time I make something. This is my life, besides my children Of coarse. I love to make what ever I can.

I also have a love for service, but that is another chapter In another book. So I will keep On the subject of painting and how it fills my soul. If my hands are busy my soul Is happy. I hope you enjoy the old Barn by the River Painting. I painted it for my god child. She is very special to me. I hold her dear in my heart!

Mountains! when I think Of mountains I often think Of obstacles. I painted the mountain picture for my en laws . I was trying to thank them for Helping my family through a rough time. She was very kind and generous while we were going through a dry patch. I tried to think about how can I say thank You without any money to give? What can I do to let them know I appreciate all they have done and will continue to do for us? I decided to paint them a picture. The mountain Picture was the finished results!!!

Pink Trees I painted this Picture for my daughter. She was only four at the time. So I thought What would a four year old want in an oil painting. Pink trees was the answer. When I showed her the painting her eyes lit up and she said" Thank You mom and I love the pink trees. So I got my results I was looking for. It's always nice to go to someone house and see my artwork Hanging on there wall. It definite tells me thank you and I appreciate your work. Painting anything makes me happy and lift my soul. So If I paint something for you. You know That I am grateful for something. Whether it is being a wonderful daughter, friend or just to say thank you for being you!

This picture is the last one I painted so far! It is peaceful and reminds me of my childhood. The trees and the beauty of the lake. The night time holds dear in my heart, for I love to look at the stars. To remember all the peaceful and happy memories I have of my past. Every time I have taken time out to look at the stars. The time was always peaceful, sometime sad. I often look to the stars to ponder and find out answer within my heart. So this picture had lots of love and meaning. I do have to say I think my last oil is the best so far. I once herd that every artist's last work is always there best masterpiece. I will try to paint more once the weather is nice. I will have more to post when they are finished.
The meaning of this page is to inspire and to help people create something beautiful. We are all different with different views in life. That is what makes this world so special. Don't forget to remember the beauty in Life. If we are lucky we can capture it on Paper!

This is a water color painting I made. I use Tim Holtzs color wash spray bottle for the background and painted the rest with my watercolor paints. It just another creation ! I enjoyed experimenting with this painting. I tried new things and created a new look. I do have many other painting witch I have done. I hope you enjoy the look I created!!

Howdie Partner

I changed this a bit from the original ! I was not very happy after looking at the layout a few times on the crop circle a online group I belong to. So I changed the lettering and removed some half circles I had under Her arms. My daughter said to me" Mom can you please stop changing MY Layout" I thought it was so cute. I promised her I wouldn't change it anymore!!! This is the finished and final results! Life is great and I enjoy
capturing a few lovely surprises.

I would like to start posting a few videos on how to create a few project! I am Hoping to do that soon! Thank You so much for looking at my blog! it has been so much fun creating and sharing my art work!!

Lorrie Jonas


This picture was taken at my little ones birthday party. The two boys in the picture are cousin and they have not seen each other in weeks. They are very excited to see each other. They are studying each other;s close. The younger one is fascinated with cars and anything that has wheels. So they are admiring the wheels on the shirt. I just loved this picture because it shows the boys personality together.

This is a simple one for me.I Usually have really busy layouts. I didn't want to take away from what is going on in the picture. So I decided to keep it simple.I stamped the top with swirls . I also sandpapered in the middle of the swirls to let the light green paper show.
Core'dinations paper. The red look closely embellishment was left over from some red paper I painted from white card stalk. I added a brad on top of the Vellum strip of paper added on top. the vellum is from a picture I printed up of some trees. I thought the green match this layout well. I cut the arrow out of card stock and added round swirls to it... That is about it. I just loved the picture so much I had to make a lay out with it.
Layout two of our dress up day!

Wow the kids were really having fun! This little guy is defiantly my little superhero. I think it is his most favorite thing to do besides Eat! he truly is at his happiest. He always running around the house shooting his webs and trying to fly with his cape. He also love to pretend to soot things. Something he learned on his own. Since this is an old fashion Batman suit I wanted to make it like the old fashion Movies. So I hope you enjoy my little Batman in action.

This is a different type of scrapbook. I rarely piece anymore. Since my little guy supervise the the process of his page he inspired me with his excitement. I painted the batman sign myself. Drew it on white card stalk and painted it. I did use core'dinations card stalk and sanded the sides. I also painted white paper red and then cut the stamp letter with my cricket. The Bat man was a coloring paper I got off line.
What a fun dress up day this was! All my kid joined in! I will probably be posting the others soon. She was making all kind of faces. She defiantly is my little actor. I wanted this to have paint and look old. Pirates never have new stuff do they? I also wanted to try to use stencils. I never really painted stencils on my scrapbook layouts until lately. I really enjoyed spending time on this layout. It is the first Boyish layout I have my daughter in!

This was made on core'dinations black magic card stock. I simply loved working with it. It added a great affect to my paper. I painted a lot on this layout because I must have been in the mood to oil Paint and I decided to scrapbook instead. I painted the swirls and I use gold ink for the stars and Imagine title... I also distressed it with gold and I scraped it all over the page... It was a very fun Page to work on!! there was no sun today so I will try to retake the layout. It look so much much better in my book!
The story behind the design. The first Christmas song my daughter learned to sing is silent night. She twirls and spins with her hands in the the air when she sings this song. My god daughter was going back to Massachusetts to live with her grandmother. So we let the children open the gifts from her before she went home to spend Christmas with her grandmother. Her mother passed a few days from Christmas in a car accident when she was two. She stayed with us for six months. We opened gifts sang Christmas carols and enjoyed her last day. So my daughter was dancing a special dance of Silent Night for her. She went home that night on the plain. It was a great early Christmas. My daughter is my jewel and my flower. That is why I added the gold and the flower and sparkled it up...It was a fun but sad day for all of Us especially the little one who is enjoying her last day with her big sister until summer returns.

This is one of my favorite now. I printed the song silent night on velum. I use Heidei Swap flower and added ink, Stickels, beads and overlaid it with glaze. Cut out Christmas from Cricut. I use two ribbons in the back round. Behind flower I put together Tim Holts new alcohol inks and it look so beautiful. Like marble . I inked everything. Added silver, black and brown high lights to the Christmas word. The main card stock is from Close to my heart. The strip of paper and the top paper is from Provo Craft.. All My ink Is Tim Holtz Ink!! Great stuff!! I will retake picture when the sun finally comes out in Utah!!

This page actually took me a long time to create! I was trying to add more paint into my scrap book pages! You ask how can I add more paint? Well, It was not easy. I thought about my beautiful little girls personality.How happy she was on the day of her dance recital. She is definitely a elegant little girl. She also received lot's of attention, flowers and Chocolate. She was our little star of the show. This picture was taken right before we left for the rehearsal . It was nothing but pampering from this point after. She had a great night!

I painted my own paper and flowers. I added gloss to the flower and pop dots. I also painted the sides. First layout ever using paint. I thought I would share...
My Father en-law is an artist! he has lots of of pieces in local gallery's. He works with bronzes and he paints. He is one of the top one hundred artist in Utah. I couldn't have him be in an ordinary scrapbook layout, Because he is anything but. He went with us to a pumpkin patch and helped me with my youngest. It was a very fun day! I wanted to make this page as artistic as I could. I use water color ink by Tim Holtz's. I also embosses with distress embossing powder. (The swirls.) The green matting used to mat photo is from Tim Holtz's alcohol ink on Vellum . I wanted it to look old and wrinkled. I also distresses the edges of the layout and carried it into the center of the page. I use basic gray card board pieces and ink it green with the water color spray. I used making memories rub on the photo. I really got the artistic look I was looking for! I hope you all enjoy it! I almost wanted to sign this one like I do with my paintings because it's a habit.

Hello All,

This is my most recent page I made of my daughters birthday! I really enjoyed playing with the many different ink techniques . Changing the way I scrapbook is important to me! The style pretty much stays the same! The products and techniques often change! I hope You enjoy looking at this page! I will have more coming I also Have many painting I would love to share !

Lorrie Jonas