Life has many moments we can be grateful for. I try to search for one everyday.I often write them down and add them to my blessing tree. Sometimes they are so special I like to add them to my art work. This week I watch a wonderful lesson thought in Life book 2013 classes. I was able to use some of those special moments in this project..

Here is a painting I recently painted. It is on depression. Depression is a serous disease that effects many. People often feel alone or unworthy to live. Depression comes with many faces. Some people smile and cover it up, Others cry and some even end there life. my heart goes out to all who are afflicted. I would do anything to take such a deep pain away. I relies I can do something. That thing is to paint and share that there is more than one with this disease. I want to let anyone know I am here to listen.. Sending Love out into the void and ask for peace to be brought to the affiliated..



I have been working on how to implement my mixed media passion into scrapbooking.

I have deep passion for both hobbies and often switch back and forth.

I decided to combine the both today and share a little tutorial that you can print up and save.

here is the finished page.

I hope you can create one your self and link the finish project to my blog.