I have been working on how to implement my mixed media passion into scrapbooking.

I have deep passion for both hobbies and often switch back and forth.

I decided to combine the both today and share a little tutorial that you can print up and save.

here is the finished page.

I hope you can create one your self and link the finish project to my blog.


  1. You make it sound so easy. I get the background done with no problem. I can doodle no problem. It's adding the pictures and journaling that gets me stuck.

    1. sometime I write the journal part first and them create a page. That way I am not worried about that part when it comes... You should try that... Write stuff down when it comes and save it for your pages..

  2. Love the colours you chose and your background is wonderful so nice seeing all these new blogs through life book hope you get a chance to stop by mine i will be back to see more of your wonderful creations !

  3. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with everyone Lorrie! I love how it turned out.