Some of my most favorite things to draw and paint are angel. Here are a few of my latest! Have a wonderful holiday and know you are all watched over ... Life is full of so many blessing and beautiful encounters. We have to look past the worldly things to find the special things. My wish for all of you is to seek for the little special things that happen everyday. Take some time to call a friend and tell someone you know is hurting that they are loved. We all have our challenges in life. It our solutions our daily actions that defines us and makes us the very person that people notice. You don't know what action can make a positive impact in others lives until it is done... Merry Christmas My dear friends... You are loved!

It is that time of year were people are searching for goodness. remembering the kindness they once felt. Hoping for miracles and looking for inner answers that can calm there very soul. As you search for your peace remember that you are not alone in your quest. There are many just like you doing the same thing. I just wanted to take a moment to share my love with anyone who may read this. let you know that life is truly impacted by how we choose to act and feel. Take a moment out of your busy holiday to call an old friend, Kiss a loved one or just smile to a stranger.

Merry Christmas

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