Flower Shower!

Imagine How the world would be if your favorite flower had every variety of color that you could ever want. Normally you have a choice of three of four colors witch the flower comes in. In my world of paint and color. Flowers come in any color witch I desire. I wanted to paint some Hibiscus Flowers. They truly are beautiful flowers.
We all see the world different. This Is how I see my flowers!!


  1. Hi Lorrie,
    I just wanted to swing by and say thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. I'm so glad you did! Now I"m following your blog too!
    Looking forward to getting to know you as a new bloggie friend!

    All the Cricky Best-From My Hands to Yours,
    K Andrew

  2. WOW!!! Your art work is INCREDIBLE!!!

    Thanks so much for following me, I'm following you as well! :)

  3. Beautiful work Lori, your flowers are gorgeous.